Things Really Big Winners Do

7 Things Really Big Winners Do

From early childhood, we are taught that there are two kinds of people: winners and losers. Throughout our schooling and well into our adult life, the entire hierarchy of society is structured to be on one side or the other of that success line. Sports, politics, and even academics consistently highlight when someone comes out on top versus when that person fails.

Most everyone will chalk up some wins in life. Much of winning is in how you perceive the goal or competition. One person’s utter and complete failure may be another person’s step toward success. A physically challenged person completing a marathon is the winner of his or her own challenge even though technically the race was won by an able-bodied champion.

People who win consistently don’t do it by chance. There is often method and determination to the way they approach contests and life itself. Here are 7 recognizable traits to incorporate in your life so you can be a winner most of the time.

1. Winners get in the game.

People waiting for an invitation to join a great project or an exciting opportunity will rarely end up in the winner’s circle. Sitting on the sidelines won’t likely bring success to your door. To win, you have to aggressively engage in activity. Winners step up and ask, “How can I add value and excitement to the game?” If they get an invitation to play, they don’t hesitate to join in. And they bring their A-game.

2. Winners boldly ask for what they want.

Some people foolishly think the world is filled with mind readers. If people don’t know what you are trying to achieve, they can’t easily help you accomplish your objectives. And there are few contests worth winning that can be won alone. Winners know there is no harm in asking for the things you want or that would help you get ahead. Just don’t be rude, demanding, pushy, or nagging. If you articulate your needs and desires, simply and politely, the universe has a way of providing the right help at the right time.

3. Winners understand their sphere of influence.

Some things in life are beyond control: the weather, the market, the price of bananas. Winners know when it is useless to try and apply effort or influence beyond their actual capability. They may test and push those limits, but when faced with a near impossible task, they will conserve effort and move on. Winners focus their energy on the people and places where they can effect the most change and growth in positive ways.

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