How To Enjoy The Rain

I know this is a somewhat ridiculous if not funny, title. Teaching people how to enjoy the rain. If my last post was about lightning, then this post is about the rain! But do anyone really need or even want to enjoy the rain?

Well, it has been raining lately in this part of the world and there are flash floods and traffic jam in downtown KL. Who will enjoy the rain in such a situation?

OK, flash floods and traffic jams aside, the rain is really a wonderful natural phenomenon that I love! I don’t know why, but every time it rains, I feel lighter. I feel happier. Isn’t it odd? Most people associate sunshine with happiness. Not me.

I mean I enjoy the sunshine of course, but I also like the rain. Well, as long as I’m not trapped in a traffic jam or caught in a flash flood or out in the open without an umbrella or a raincoat, that is. Haha!

Since you can’t stop the rain, you might as well enjoy it, yes? So you want to know how I enjoy the rain? Here’s how!

1. Sleep during the rain
Yes! This is how I enjoy the rain! That is why I love it when it rains at night. I find listening to the sound of pouring rain very soothing and relaxing. It’s the perfect ambience to prepare me for my sleep. Also, waking up in the middle of the night and hear the sound of falling rain outside my window instantly puts me back to dreamland! No wonder when it rains in the afternoon, I feel like going to bed!

2. Read a good book
What better way to enjoy a good book than sitting beside the window while it is raining outside? The sound of the rain pitter patter against the window pane is enough to take my reading to a whole new level of enjoyment! And it doesn’t even have to be in my house! I remember one time I was reading in Borders sitting next to the glass window and enjoying the rain outside! I found it so comfortable there I did not want to leave!

3. Have a steamboat meal
This is especially enjoyable if the weather is cold after a whole day of raining. A hot meal like a steamboat meal totally makes me appreciate the rain much more. And watching the rain while having my steamboat meal inside a warm, comfortable restaurant or home is just so heavenly!

4. Sit outside the garden table
If you live in homes where you have a garden and a sheltered garden table, do try this when it rains! Provided the wind is not too strong and there are no dangers of lightning, it is so enjoyable to just sit there by your garden table and watch the rain! It’s good to sit there with family members or friends and chat away while the rain pours. Even better if you include a pot of hot steaming tea for everyone! In fact, that’s the best time to bond with family members or close friends.

5. Play in the rain
OK, this may not be a sensible thing to do. You don’t want to catch the cold or get sick, do you? But, in reality it’s not easier to catch the cold in the rain than in the sun. Want to feel like a child again? Go out there and play in the rain! Just make sure you take a warm shower and have a change of clothing after that!

6. Drive in the rain
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy driving my car in the rain. I like the sight of rain falling on my car windscreens and windows. The feeling is just so relaxing especially if I switch on some nice soothing music as well. Of course, the rain must not be too heavy or else it’s difficult to drive. And definitely there must not be any traffic jam or else whatever enjoyment of driving in the rain will be thrown out of the car’s window!

7. Daydream
If it’s not pouring too heavily, try opening the window and let the fresh smell of the rain comes in. Enjoy watching the dark clouds above, the trees swaying in the wind, the rain falling on rooftops and the pavement. Observe the puddles of water created on the ground, and listen to the different tones of the rain falling on different surfaces. Breathe in the fresh air. And indulge in daydreaming even as you focus on your senses.

8. Blog on your computer or laptop
This is especially for us bloggers! I love to be blogging on my laptop while it is raining outside. Just like reading a good book, the sound of rain outside seems to make me enjoy my blogging even more. Perhaps the sound of the falling rain has some kind of psychological effect on me.

Well, that’s how I enjoy the rain! And I hope you will learn to enjoy it too. Instead of feeling down and dreary when the rain falls, learn to love the rain and let it be your source of enjoyment!

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