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  • Financial Freedom: What It Is and How to Achieve It

    Financial freedom means having sufficient savings and cash on hand to let you live the life you desire. It’s not necessarily about being rich, but rather having enough funds to cover your living expenses so that you can spend some of your time doing what you like rather than focusing your energy on earning money. […]

  • How To Enjoy The Rain

    I know this is a somewhat ridiculous if not funny, title. Teaching people how to enjoy the rain. If my last post was about lightning, then this post is about the rain! But do anyone really need or even want to enjoy the rain? Well, it has been raining lately in this part of the world and […]

  • 14 Steps to Develop a Winning Attitude

    Attitude. It’s a common word. I love its mystique. It should be an all-the-time thing, but people who think they have a good one often slip at the first hint of trouble. The others, who maintain a good one with regularity, are likely getting help from attitude’s brethren of the faith variety. All will always […]

  • How to Create a Winning Attitude in Life

    Or are you someone that always finds themself getting negative when things don’t go your way? Maybe it feels like you’re making life harder on yourself than it needs to be. Here’s the thing, achieving success, in any area of your life, is nearly impossible with the wrong attitude. If your someone who always sees […]

  • Famous Paintings From Western Art History Any Art Lover Should Know

    Since the emergence of the Italian Renaissance, the history of Western art began a fascinating course through different stylistic genres. While 15th-century painting focused on portraying the ideal, the subsequent movements explored many other aesthetics and ideas, often in reaction to their historical predecessor. And although there are many remarkable paintings to study from these different […]

  • 6 Surprising Effects of Music on the Brain

    Every time we listen to music, amazing neurological processes are taking place behind the scenes. Research from around the world has revealed a wide range of positive effects that music has on the brain—from increased creativity and decision making to better comprehension and more positive feelings. And that’s not all—different types of music can affect […]

  • Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness

    CONTENTS Introduction What is Positive Psychology? What is the Science of Happiness? What’s the  Difference? The Science of Happiness 7 Habits of Happy People What is Positive Psychology? The term “Positive Psychology”  was originally coined by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1950’s. Maslow used the term somewhat loosely to call for a more balanced […]

  • How to Get All Edge Brownies From One Batch

      Tips for Baking Brownies in a Muffin Tin To ensure a crisp edge on each brownie (and to prevent sticking) coat the muffin tin with oil and sugar before adding your batter. Use a pastry brush to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the bottom and sides of each well in the […]

  • 20 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    The world is a crazy place. Even the most ordinary, boring, everyday stuff can turn out to have a weird backstory—or do something you had no idea it could. 10 Interesting Facts About Dwayne Johnson For example, did you know that worms eat four to six times their weight each day? Or that trained pigeons can tell the […]

  • Satori: Reaching a Moment of Total Presence

    At exactly 11:45 pm we set off into the darkness. Up ahead of us was a bold mission: Ascend another 2,274 meters to reach the summit of Volcan Baru, the highest point in Panama, in time to watch the sun rising above the clouds and stroking the sky blue. We had exactly 5.5 hours until […]