12 Apps That Make Everyday Life Easier for Startup Business Owners

For startup business owners, life is a balancing act. Juggling day-to-day operations with social and family life is no mean feat – even for the most organised entrepreneur.

To help you keep all aspects of your life in check, here are 12 useful mobile apps that will make everyday life so much easier.

1/ Bump

Imagine: you’re attending a meeting or networking event and have forgotten your business cards – d’oh!  But never fear, for Bump is here. Download this nifty app, and you can seamlessly share your contact and business information by “bumping” devices with potential clients or corporate allies.

2/ TripIt

On top of getting the kids off to school, it’s all too easy to forget the little things – train tickets for example. Download TripIt however, and you need never worry about travel documents again. This all-in-one app lets you store all sorts of travel admin, before allowing quick access as and when you require it.

3/ Expensify

For those that regularly travel for business, keeping track of expenses can be a right old pain. Enter Expensify – the easy way to keep on top of business trip expenditure. The app allows you to store details of expenses in one place, before reviewing them at a later date.

4/ Splashtop Remote Desktop

Whether you’re working from home or away from the office on business, Splashtop Remote Desktop lets you access your office or home computer from your smartphone or tablet. With unlimited remote access wherever you are, Splashtop is perfect for those on the go.

5/ Dry Cleaner App

You’ve shined your shoes and had your hair cut ready for an important client meeting – but what about your suit? Squeezing a trip to the dry cleaners into your daily schedule can be tricky; not so with the Dry Cleaner App. Connecting you with local cleaning services, this clever app lets you arrange pickup and delivery of items at a place and time that suits you.

6/ Transit App

Need to get across town pronto? Forget your phone’s SatNav or maps feature and download the Transit App instead. Combining public transport, taxi and cycling routes, this free-to-use can help you traverse the traffic and get to that meeting with time to spare.

7/ Best Parking

Thanks to the aforementioned app, you’ve got to your meeting in double-quick time. But wait – there’s not a parking space in sight. Cue Best Parking; a brilliant, free app that lets you find nearby parking spaces wherever you are. Not only can the app help you find a free space, it’ll tell you how much it’ll cost to park there, making budgeting a doddle.

8/ PrintJinni

Gone are the days of the humble cable; now, it’s possible to print documents and images directly from your smartphone or tablet using a wireless printing app. Though there are lots of apps of this vein available, our favourite is PrintJinni, as it lets you connect to any wireless printer in the vicinity – regardless of its make or model.

9/ Tasker

Keeping in touch with clients, business associates, friends and family from one phone can be a challenge – particularly when you’re in and out of meetings. With Tasker however, you can assign automated message responses to all of your contacts, making it easy to keep it in contact, meeting or no meeting.

10/ Instapaper

Since starting your business things have gotten pretty hectic, right? Gone are the days of leisurely flicking through the paper – or have they? Download Instapaper, and you can bookmark stories you’d like to read and come back to them at a time that suits you.

11/ Scanner Pro

Before you head off to PC World to purchase a pricey scanner for your office, hold your horses. Have you heard of Scanner Pro? This easy to use app makes it easy to scan documents using your phone or tablet, and allows you to upload files directly to Dropbox – eliminating the need for a bulky, cumbersome scanner.

12/ Remember the Milk

From picking the kids up from school to buying a loaf on the way home, everyday life can often take a backseat when you’re striving to get your startup off the ground. To help you keep on top of important daily tasks, download the Remember the Milk app and create an organised to-do list of the little things that need doing that day.

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